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A Note From Our New Chief Revenue Officer

As a longtime banker in the highly regulated financial services sector working with client onboardings, I experienced firsthand the challenges created by the existing manual, paper-intensive processes. Constantly changing guidelines meant changing client-facing documents and processes, slowing the client onboarding timeline and frustrating customers. I saw the need for automated, streamlined compliance tools. I championed and implemented a specialized compliance program in my former role. I’ve seen what efficiencies can be achieved when the right automated solution is employed. I’ve also seen the burdens of compliance shortcomings. When processes and outcomes fall short of regulator’s expectations, there is a high price the firms – and its people – pay.

The need to leverage technology to solve compliance challenges is clear.

  • Disruption within the financial services sector is more prominent than ever. Technology-driven firms are entering the financial services sector at a pace not seen before, often offering services that are faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly. Traditional financial service firms are being forced to evolve and transform. If they don’t adjust their processes and strategy accordingly, they will be left behind. They need to do more with less. Automation, via technology adoption, is one way to do so.
  • The regulatory environment is ever-changing, and we’ve already seen signs that the new administration will further tighten anti-money laundering controls. Working with a solution provider that is engaging with regulators, tracking these changes and deploying system updates to address changes expeditiously is key. Having an agile solution is key.
  • Financial regulators are welcoming innovative solutions that address anti-money laundering challenges. The prospect of reducing human error, more quickly identifying potential issues, and analyzing vast data sets for anomalies, makes them strong proponents of leveraging technology to enhance controls.

I’m excited to join the DigiPli team. DigiPli’s Onboarding-as-a-Service product strikes the right balance between enabling financial service firms to onboard and monitor customers with ease and efficiency, with strong controls that detect issues and raise critical red flags when necessary. My experience in business development and relationship management of financial service firms – coupled with risk and compliance responsibilities – make this role right for me and right for DigiPli. I want to help others leverage compliance solutions to deliver a better experience – for themselves, their firms and their customers.

As Chief Revenue Officer, I’ll be responsible for growing DigiPli’s client base, overseeing the marketing strategy and raising visibility of the firm and its capabilities. The role will allow me to help grow this young company, stretch myself in new, exciting ways, and be an integral part of regulatory innovation.